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The reason for "Calle del Barquilo"


It all started when some "teleco" engineers who had worked in the seventies of the 20th century decided to get together to resume their interest in playing plectrum music. They dug through old diaries and rounded up a few more colleagues. The recruit extended to the youngest and also attracted other good fans, foreign to tuna and from very diverse origins, thus forming a plural, open and rich group.


A weekly rehearsal was then established in the basement of a bar on Calle del Barquillo in Madrid. When there was continuity and we were offered to perform in public, we decided to establish ourselves as a full-fledged Association and the big question was raised: what will we call ourselves?


Needless to mention the cascade of great ideas that can arise after a good and well-watered dinner. The most recalcitrant "telecos" suggested names like "Laplace's Transformation into Lute" and others like that, which were politely dismissed.


As often happens, everything turned out to be simpler. We were on Calle del Barquillo, an electronic street par excellence, with a traditional name and where the Casa de Tócame Roque was once located. Green and with handles: "Calle del Barquillo".  

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